About Us

Wine and Beautiful Places Fill Us with Inspiration

“Wine comes in at the mouth

And love comes in at the eye;

That’s all we shall know for truth

Before we grow old and die.

I lift the glass to my mouth,

I look at you, and I sigh.”

B. Yeats

Soil enlivened by minerals, air moderated by the flowing river and beautiful vines adorning the hilly landscape, breathes flavor and intensity into the fruit. The explosion of flavor with each sip of wine which defines its origins and makes us poets even if for a temporary moment.

We believe that in order to truly know a wine region; to understand its gastronomy, we need to get out there and meet the people that give the wine region its good name. It is said that the best fertilizer is the footprints of the winemaker; we like to add that, the spice which makes good wines great, is the connection with everything that made the grape into a drink appropriate to treasure in a bottle.

After countless oenological and culinary tours, all over the world, we’ve decided to create a company, that specializes in presenting you with the best and most beautiful wine regions. To fill your senses at the pace you want through wine, food and people

The people behind Vinspiration - wine and inspiration

Guy Haran – A wine guide and educator with over a decade of experience in wine tourism all across Europe. His love of wine got a serious fillip when, during his Law studies at the Hebrew University, he became the head sommelier of the King David Hotel.

A rich resume which includes; opening and managing restaurants and bars, being wine director at the “Grape Man” company, and wine and beverage courses going back to 2006, has made Guy an expert in oenological and culinary tourism.

Knowledge of French and Spanish, helps Guy to make his way through different parts of the traditional wine routes, and offer more authentic and richer experiences to his guests, in areas which are off the beaten trail.

When not trotting around the globe you may see him at a convention as the Israeli ambassador for the Riedel glassware company.

Shira Lebel – Sommelier, event manager and a tour guide that have taken her across the world in order to discover and taste more of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Flamenco and a great amount of passion have led her to Spain, and for 11 years she has sipped and stepped her way into learning many of the secrets of Spanish romance and aesthetics.  A horse whisperer, a certified yogi, and a sommelier certificate, are just a few of the skills that give Shira a unique edge, in offering truly unforgettable and inimitable experiences and inspiration, to all who join her on her travels.  You can catch Shira at one of her wine courses across Israel, usually in places rich in natural beauty, or making her way through Spain with her distinct Catalan accent.

Rea Prince – Our flying winemaker – After years of experience in the Israeli restaurant and wine industry, Rea decided to roll up his sleeves and begin a journey into making the best and healthiest wines he could. Having studied to be a “cellar master” at the Tel Hai school in Israel and working in several Israeli wineries, amongst them Margalit winery, emboldened his passion and took him to continue his studies in Florence, Italy.  During his studies he tasted his way across the Italian wine map, and acquainted himself with the seemingly endless variety of wines spread across the “boot”.  Completing his studies, he set out to intern for the likes of Yves Cuilleron in the Rhone Valley of France, and even Zind Humbrecht in Alsace.

His experience with the major wine regions and the secrets behind the industry brought him to leading the Napa based, bio-dynamic, winery DaVero. Rea, who never stops flying around the world, and learning from the best, has even earned the privilege of interning for one of the most influential and important women in the Northern Italian wine scene, Elisabetta Foradori, and even taken time to explore New Zealand.  If you’re lucky you’ll meet him at one of the wineries he frequents across the world.


David Pinto Entrepreneur, industrial designer and wine connoisseur with rich experience as a wine professional, in leading restaurants and bars in Israel and New York. David cultivates his own vineyard in the Judean hills, and produces wine in small quantities (in the meantime), teaches wine and travels in the world’s leading wine regions. He is a Francophone who speaks also fluent Spanish and English. Raised with European education and has deep understanding of the French culture and very good connections with some of the most prestigious wine producers in France. 

Roni Saslove  Winemaker, grape-grower, wine writer, judge, but before all – an educator and an international advocate of Israeli wines.

As the daughter of Barry Saslove, a pioneer of the Israeli wine culture rejuvenation, Roni has been living and breathing wine from a very young age.

Her wine tasting workshops are knowledgeable and exuberant. She brings a playful, refreshing and wide perspective to the experience of wine tasting, revealing the social, psychological, neurological and cultural aspects.

Roni studied and specialized in Canada. Where in the most extreme climate a jewel like ice-wine is created – that’s Vinspiration.