Alsace – the elegant northern part of France

Here it is worthwhile to take the time to stop at villages, meet the locals, taste the cheeses, sausages and of course the excellent wines. As befitting to Europe, you are surrounded by many impressive castles…

The small geographic region of Alsace is hidden in the north-eastern corner of France on the border of Germany and Switzerland. The picturesque towns look as if they come from a children’s book: ancient wooden houses, narrow roads and mist that covers the area from time to time, give the feeling as if in a movie.

The wines of Alsace are different from the rest of the French wines: this area specializes in white wines whose names appear on wine labels as distinguished from what is accepted in France. Riesling, Gewürztraminer and even Pinot Noir are tasty and have the special character of the area.

There are many restaurants that are happily recommended by the Michelin guide, cheese manufacturers, sausages, pastries, jams and more, reminding the travelers in the area of the importance of living life itself and enjoying it along the way.

About the tour

The entire area extends along 250 kilometers from north to south along which lies a beautiful traveler-friendly wine route. There are roads that are convenient for driving with signs in French and German. Some of the locals speak English, but it is the fourth language if you take into account the local tongue: Alsace.


Strasbourg is the formal capital of Alsace located at the beginning of the wine road to the north of Alsace. This beautiful city is crossed by an expansive river and it is worth devoting it time to experience the atmosphere and taste the different flavors of the city. It is recommended to go on a tasting tour of the city with a local, experienced guide who will take you to the bakeries, delicatessens and other places that will leave you satisfied and slightly drunk.

Alsace wine route – is one of the most beautiful in the world. Side roads meander through ancient villages surrounded by vineyards everywhere. The Vosges mountain range that is found to the west, protects the whole area and makes it almost as dry as a desert. Special climate conditions prevent the formation of rot in the vineyards and create the conditions such that it has become the leading area in the world for organic and bio-dynamic wines. Here it is worthwhile to take the time to stop at villages, meet the locals, taste the cheeses, sausages and of course the excellent wines. As befitting to Europe, you are surrounded by impressive castles and perhaps the most impressive is the Haut-Koenigsbourg.


Colmard is the wine capital of Alsace. Some of the best wineries of the area surround Colmard, which can also be proud of the description as the “culinary capital” of the area. We guess that she earned her honor and prestige amongst others by enabling you to express her name with relative ease especially when you compare it to villages such as Niedermorschwihr. You can definitely focus your trip in this area and leave it each day to visit another village to taste, smell, be familiar with, and become addicted.


  • Ancient, medieval towns
  • Extensive tasting and tasting of aging wines
  • Meals in the vineyards
  • Visit to the brandy refinery based on different fruits
  • Blind tasting
  • Visit to a taste workshop – the best jams in the world
  • Vineyard marathon
  • Wine festival and harvest
  • Bicycle riding in the vineyards
  • Sailing in rivers
  • Jewish history
  • Ancient castles and fortresses
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