Bordeaux – A Luxurious Disneyland for Wine Lovers

Legendary wines that age for decades in monumental cellars vibrating from history and pride. The most sought after wines in the world originate from the prestige chateaux scattered on the left and right banks of the Bordeaux region…

The most sought after wines in the world originate from the prestige chateaux scattered on the left and right banks of the Bordeaux region. These legendary wines age for decades in monumental cellars vibrating from history and pride. The wealth and luxury resonate from the wine to the architecture and all around, even the gardens look like they are maintained by a grand couturiere.

About The Tour

In order to feel what life in Bordeaux is all about, your temporary home must be perfectly suited for your aspired adventure. Accommodation is either in the vibrant student-town of Bordeaux or in the picturesque village overlooking the lake and the 17th century citadel. Both options are central and surrounded by lovely sites and attractions. You may also indulge yourself in a luxurious spa hotel which offers a golf court, bicycle tour through the vineyard and a wine bath treatment to immerse yourself in.

The tour will include a visit to Bordeaux’s finest wineries and appellations:

Medoc– The left bank of Bordeaux sometimes feels like Disneyland for wine lovers. The Chateaux route or as referred to by the locals “La Route des Châteaux” goes through impressive architectural buildings, lakes and vineyards. For a moment, life is all about great wine.

Saint Emilion- The right bank of Bordeaux is the historic heart of the region. As in medieval times, the hilltop citadels are overlooking to the distance, surrounded by  .  The town of Saint Emilion is the most charming of all Bordeaux. It is filled with hidden wine cellars, Michelin star restaurants and an abundance of large as well as artisanal wineries.

Pomerol– Is sometimes referred to as the little sister of Saint Emilion, although it has a strong reputation of its own. Pomerol is a tiny village surrounded by exquisite wineries. Some of the highest valued wines in the world are made here, Chateau Petrus being one of them, selling bottles of Merlot for thousands of Euros each.

Graves– Is a unique sub region which doesn’t settle for only making deep red wines. It holds the widest variety of wines made in the Bordeaux region, from deep reds to dry whites alongside enchanting sweet wines.

Sauternes– The home of the world-famous sweet wine which are referred to as “Liquid Gold”. The unique location alongside the Gironde and its tributary the Ciron rivers create “Noble Rot” which gives the wine rare aromas and a majestic mouthfeel. Perfect match to blue cheese or Fois Gras.

Cognac– The world-renowned Brandy is a drop away from Bordeaux. We recommend visiting one of the esteemed Cognac producers, along artisanal ones for an intimate spiritual experience.


  • VIP hosting at monumental wineries and mansions
  • Formal tastings of extraordinary wines
  • Professional wine tasting workshops
  • A visit to the Cite du Vin museum
  • River sailing between wineries
  • Bicycle or Segway tour in the vineyards
  • Wine spa
  • Visit the vibrant markets
  • Dazzling night life
  • Oysters and fresh sea food at the famous Arcachon dune
  • Michelin star restaurants alongside rustic hideaways
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