Burgundy- the Holy Grail of wines

The locals seem to relish their village life filled with delicious, healthy, fresh local food and wine.  Some may say Burgundy is the culinary capital of France

Some of the most glorified wines in the world are hidden in the vineyards between Dijon to Lyon in central France. For centuries family traditions are passed from one generation to the next, alongside, monks who dedicated their lives to growing the finest grapes. These grapes will become the greatest, most sophisticated and elegant wines.

About The Tour

Burgundy: terroir driven wines- the soil and the climate have an essential influence on the quality of the wine. From a local perspective, the profession of the winemaker is to interfere as least as possible in the magic of the grapes, which will resonate in the glass telling the tail of a time and place.

Thousands of growers and producers, appear scattered all around the region, most are tiny and very artizinal. The locals seem to relish their village life filled with delicious, healthy, fresh local food and wine.  Some may say Burgundy is the culinary capital of France. Beside the famous Boeuf Bourguignon you will find lots for fresh vegetables, couldrones simmering, sausages, cheeses and even escargot, snails in butter and garlic.

In Burgundy, a Climat is the name for a specific vineyard site and grape variety. These stone walls, encircling the vineyards, tell the story of the people who have been living and growing some of the most majestic grapes in the world for thousands of years.

Alongside the famous wineries like: Domaine Bouchard, Domaine Chanson, Maison Louis Jadot, Maison Joseph Drouhin.
it is highly recommended to visit small producers with callused hands and a good story to share. A tasting in a musty wine cellar of a small producer, who know every vine personally, is what Burgundy is all about.

Hospices de Beaune is a lot more than an impressive museum. Half a millennium ago it was a hospital, who took care of the poor gratuitously and today its one of the most lucrative establishments. It is where the public auctions of the wines are conducted, and prices are set, influencing the rest of the world.  

Only a local or an experienced Israeli guide will get you in through the secret doors. You will meet the unique people behind the scene, who will share the magic which is called Burgundy. This is a trip you want to well plan in advance. The hosts appreciate knowing when to expect their guests, in order to assure a personable visit.


  • River sailing
  • Cellared wine tasting
  • Extensive Burgundy Grand Cru wines tasting
  • Colorful local markets
  • Visit the mustard factory
  • Eat at stared and recommended Michelin restaurants
  • Ancient castles and monasteries
  • Hospices de Beaune
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