Hungary – Ancient European power

An old world full of grace and ancient fortitude. For the Hungarian wine industry there is a long and wonderful history where at its peak wines were poured at the tables of all royal European courts.

An old world full of grace and ancient fortitude. For the Hungarian wine industry there is a long and wonderful history where at its peak wines were poured at the tables of all royal European courts. Wines of Tokaji earned the name “liquid gold” and the best ones’ price was higher than their weight in gold. However the communistic rule damaged the wine industry, but it recovered fast and today you can find white and red wines, sweet, dry and bubbly that are not shy of competition with the best European wines.

About the tour

The heart of Hungary lies in the center of the state, in the capital of Budapest. Splendid Michelin restaurants next to excellent local restaurants, wine bars, pampering spas and everything of the best that ancient Europe has to offer. The Danube river crosses the state at its center, and divides it into east and west, where each side has a wine area worth visiting. You can go on a one day trip leaving from Budapest, but it is preferable to devote a number of days to each of the sides of Hungary, and enjoy the abundance it has to offer.

East Danube

Here is the home of the most famous Hungarian wines! Tokaji in north east Hungary is the home of sweet wines that carry this name. These wines are known in all the best restaurants in the world. Wines of an inexhaustible wealth of tastes and smells, a sweetness that is perfectly balanced with natural and pleasant acidity. Part of the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world come, as well as today, from the commercial cellars of this area. Today there is opportunity for wine and culinary amateurs to discover secrets before becoming commercialized, by visiting the best wineries and authentically experiencing great wines without pretension. In the village Mad, in addition to quality wines, you will discover the ancient and beautiful synagogue that was the center of the Jewish community in the area.

Eger is the source of the famous Bikaver (oxen blood). Legend tells us that during the Turkish siege of the city Eger in the year of 1552, Turkish soldiers saw Hungarians tasting wine as red as blood, and their eyes filled with madness. The Turkish were sure that they were drinking oxen blood and they decided to retreat. Also today you can taste this wine that is based on local and tasty grape varieties, with names that are difficult to pronounce.

West Danube

West Danube includes some of the best wines in Europe, including:

Balaton Lake

The beautiful Balaton lake that attracts many visitors that come for a rest and vacation. Vineyards are planted around the lake – these vineyards add beauty to the magnificence of this area and in this vicinity are found some of the best wines of Hungary. You can find good red wine here but it is worthwhile focusing on the excellent white wines of the area!


Villany is the place of the best Cabernet Franc wines in Hungary and there are those that say they are the best wines in the world! They are powerful and elegant wines belonging to vineyards of ancient tradition. This area is found in the south of Hungary next to the Croatian border where Croatia itself manufactures excellent wines.

Another wine that is worthwhile knowing is “Juhfark (sheep’s tail)” whose source is in the wine belt Nagy Somlo in the north west of Hungary. Here you can find full bodied white wines that are inspired by their neighbor in close proximity – Austria.

More that is worthwhile knowing about Hungary

Oak barrels – after the French and America oak, the Hungarian oak is the most prevalent for creating wine barrels.

Organic and bio-dynamic – in Hungary amongst the largest concentration of organic and bio-dynamic vineyards is found.

Bor state – here in Hungary the word for wine is different than the rest of Europe! These Hungarians call themselves the Bor state as distinguished from the other Europeans that use the declension WineVin WeinVino for the same purpose.

Puttonyos – describes the degree of sweetness of the Turkish wines.??You can see a number on the bottles and at times a number showing the medals that represent grade 5. Medals symbolize very sweet wines at 6, and they require at least 150 grams of sugar per liter of wine.

Eszencia – these are wines that are so sweet that usually it is barely possible to ferment them and they do not exceed 3-4 percent of alcohol. The level of sugar can also reach 900 grams per liter! Don’t forget to take your insulin before tasting.


  • Visit to a lavender and cosmetics farm
  • Vintner for one day – preparing wine, bottling it, and having personal labeling
  • Essence – tasting the wines of kings
  • Visit to the Hungarian cork factory
  • Organic and bio-dynamic vineyards
  • Visit to the thousand year old Benedict Monastery
  • Michelin restaurants
  • Dinner at the vintner’s house
  • Meals with local families
  • Spa
  • Sailing in underground caves
  • Rest and relaxation in the largest thermal lake in the world
  • Ancient castles
  • Bicycle tours
  • Walking tracks in nature
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