London – exciting and unexpected

Exactly here, in the northern island adjacent to Europe, a wine industry and fascinating culinary arts are being developed right under our noses.

Exactly here, in the northern island adjacent to Europe, a wine industry and fascinating culinary arts are being developed right under our noses. The city of London has become over the past hundreds of years the central cross road for international trade. This powerful British Empire in which “the sun shall never set” is governed from the busy center of London. Apparently you can find wine here from every place in the world and the amount of restaurants in this city is endless. Culinary tours throughout the city for a long time have been an experience not to be missed. Colorful and lively markets are next to chic restaurants of many hues. There are cocktail bars, wine and Michelin restaurants some of which are hidden and found only by those who know how to search for them.

About the tour

We invite you, together with us, to leave for one day the walls of the city to the green countryside that surrounds it. At a distance of less than one hour lie many vineyards that thanks to global warming, offer red and white wines today. Sparkling wines are the real expertise of the area and of a style that reminds you of champagne. With blind tasting, the British defeat, not only once, their parallel bubblies from all over the world and even the prestigious ones in northern France.

A serious, knowledgeable and genial tour guide will fetch you from your lodgings in London for an unforgettable experience for one or two days according to your preference. You will visit wineries of high quality that lie close to the city from its southern side. You will taste the best sparkling white and red wines and will eat at a traditional British restaurant.

And now at a special starting price

The tour is private and organized in advance. It includes fetching you from your hotel in London, with a professional and expert guide in wines, visiting and tasting at 2-3 wineries and lunch.


  • “Wines in one day” – learning to make sparkling wines
  • Extensive wine tasting
  • Visiting a brewery
  • Touring vineyards
  • Meeting vintners
  • A wine workshop
  • Matching wine to food
  • A private tour
  • Fetching you from the hotel
  • Small groups
Would you like to hear more and go on an inspiring adventure?

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