Vinspiration offers a tailor made culinary and wine experience in various locations all over the world.

We specialise in capturing your specific needs and wishes and making them into the trip of your dreams.
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Providing services to private and business clients, Vinspiration knows how to produce tours and accommodate to single people or larger family groups for private tours, as well as groups on a one or two-day tour near the location of conferences, business meetings across Europe etc.

Our experience includes different types of collaborations, from spicing up a business conference with a visit to a leading winery or a boutique artisanal confiture producer, to a whole scale business trip production, including all the little details (and more) …


Tuscany – A colorful romance

One of the most romantic places on earth lies in central Italy. As if you are looking at an old oil painting, the vineyard covered hills will make you fall in love. The small villages of Tuscany are surrounded by impressive fortresses…


Piedmont – Pure delicious elegance

Piemontese speak of food and wine passionately with a dash of a French accent, no wonder it is the home of the ‘Slow Food’ revolution! Barolo and Barbaresco are two famous wine villages in the world…



Come and taste the old and the new; The traditional kitchen of the Israeli cooks who assembled from all corners of the earth in this tiny country, together with the daring fusion of Tel Aviv, the high-tech city, home to some of the world’s most respected chefs.


Hungary – Ancient European power

An old world full of grace and ancient fortitude. For the Hungarian wine industry there is a long and wonderful history where at its peak wines were poured at the tables of all royal European courts.


Welcome to the land of Cataluña

Aristocratic, ambitious and prouder than all of her neighbors.
Classic in soul but does not give up on innovation.
The champion of eleven wine areas of high quality.
The owner of uncompromising culinary arts, views and villages.
This is Cataluña on a half a glass of wine. Always full.