Portugal – Beauty at the edge of the continent

A powerful, ancient country that succeeded in discovering half the universe, embodies a world in its entirety.

A powerful, ancient country that succeeded in discovering half the universe, embodies a world in its entirety.  Villages and towns, oak trees that provide cork to all countries, fish, sea food and infinite magic are waiting to be discovered. Portugal is much more than the creation of fortified wines. And the discovery of dry wines at the edge of the continent surprises and excites enthusiastic wine amateurs.

About the trip

Portugal is the perfect destination for a wine and culinary tour as well as for a vacation and rest, or for challenging and extreme sports. Today, when the skies are open and direct flights to Portugal occur a number of times a week, and with a number of airline companies, it is easy and convenient to visit this fascinating country.

Urban touring

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, lies in the southern part of the country. The largest airport of the state is located here and with an endless culinary experience. Small and authentic restaurants are hidden in the alleys of the ancient city, and there is the tasty, fresh food of Portugal that is based on many kinds of fish, sea food and fresh vegetables.

Porto – the wine capital of Portugal. The importance of this port, the largest in sea trade that in itself is so big, caused the word “port” to become the accepted name for harbors worldwide. The colorful city that overlooks the port, contains amongst others the largest and most famous port houses – Daw’s, Warriors, Taylor’s, Graham’s and many others. According to the name you can easily understand the extensive British influence. The grapes themselves come from the depths of the continent, in the valley of Douro, and the wine sails on the wide river to the city where it is packaged and sent worldwide.

Vineyards and Villages

Valley of Douro. The Douro river that forms the valley is the central artery of life of northern Portugal which starts in the center of Spain. The area that was declared as an asset, a worldwide legacy by UNESCO, is apparently one of the most beautiful places in the world. Vineyards are hung on the steep slopes of the valley; a wide river carries the wine from the valley to the entire world. Small farms are scattered around the valley and most of them produce wine. There are sweet and fortified wines, which accumulated universal recognition, next to dry wines, specifically red that have not yet been discovered by wine amateurs worldwide.

Vinho Verde

The “green wine” earned this nickname because of the refreshing character of the wines in the area. North of Porto city, at the northern border of Portugal with Spain, lies a beautiful wine area and less commercial. The genuine and intriguing Portugal with the right approach opens her doors and heart to visitors.


Bairrada is the home of the fascinating Portuguese wine variety Baga and has been compared with the French Pinot Noir by some. A number of the good vineyards in Portugal are found here, including the Luis Pato vineyard – the modernist that was considered to be the person that made this area the forefront.

Alentejo takes up a third of Portugal’s territory and is very popular, an area that many wine growers in Portugal are jealous of. In recent years, next to the fruity reds, you can find more and more fascinating and tasty white wines that come from the area.

And of course the Portuguese cork factory that is responsible for the cork of most of the wines in the world.


  • Sailing in the Douro valley
  • Picnic in nature surrounded by vineyards
  • 4×4 touring
  • Wine tasting with vintners
  • Visiting the factory for creating corks
  • A sweet baking workshop
  • Festive grape harvests
  • Traditional grape treading in a wine press
  • Visiting ancient vineyards
  • An air born trip in a helicopter
  • Relaxing and Spa facilities
  • A tour of the markets
  • City tours
  • Visiting the most ancient library in the world
  • Tasting aged wines
  • Dinner at an old wine cellar
  • Michelin star restaurants
Would you like to hear more and go on an inspiring adventure?

Other Destinations


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Classic in soul but does not give up on innovation.
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This is Cataluña on a half a glass of wine. Always full.


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