Tuscany – Beautiful, Quintessential Italy

Tuscany, in central Italy, with the twin (and formerly rival) cities of Florence and Siena, is perhaps one of the most perfect and romantic places on planet earth. Legendary museums, cities, vineyards, cuisine, restaurants, hotels and people. An absolute must for wine and food lovers.

About The Tours

We offer a wide variety of experiences in Tuscany from city walks, relaxation in a secluded villa, private driver services with a local guide or simply help renting a car for you to explore on your own with an itinerary created just for you.  Make sure you have plenty of memory in your phone for all the photos you will want to take!

Urban Tours

Florence – The luxurious undisputed capital of Tuscany. Our knowledgeable guides will give you the inside of Florence: restaurants, museums, hotels, walks along the Arno River.  Guided and private tours are available.

Siena – Siena, the sibling urban rival to Florence, is a culture of its own.  Closer to the central wine regions of Tuscany, Siena is often our home base.  Siena is also home to the Palio, a medieval horse race in the central square.  In summer only twice each summer.  Our guided and private tours will give you access to this exceptional event.


Chianti –  The whole world knows Chianti, arguably Italy’s most  famous wine region.  Chianti ranges in style and in quality from extraordinary to very ordinary, from very expensive to very basic. There are hundreds of wineries (castelli) so having a clear plan is critical.  Our guides are experts in the area and will make sure doors are open for you on your visit at the most important wineries (and of course the best restaurants in each village along the way).

Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano These two regions within Tuscany are the elder siblings of Chianti.  Often ratred by critics as among the best wines in the world. A visit to one or both is a must on a visit to Tuscany.

Bolgheri, the Maremma and revolution of the “Super Tuscans”   In the 1940’s the Antinori Family started growing international wine grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon for family consumption only, at the Sassicaia winery (official name: Tenuta San Guido). In 1967 the family secret became known and, with it, Sassicaia sparked a virtual revolution in Tuscany opening the door to many wineries creating a completely new style of wine from international (French) grape varieties.   Today these wines are considered among the very best in Italy and are on the world stage next to the great growths of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Napa. The region borders Italy’s western Mediterranean shore. You will want a bathing suit for your visit!

For Our Guests

  • Exclusive wine tastings
  • Visits to the best wineries, world-famous and artisanal
  • Hunting (and eating) truffles! 
  • Visits to local markets, local cheese, salumi and olive oil producers
  • Walks with an architecture expert in the local cities and towns
  • Visits to the important museums in Florence and the region 
  • Shopping!!!
  • Cooking classes
  • Vacation planning at a villa all your own for family and friends
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Other Destinations


Umbria – Italy’s Hidden Jewel and its Green Heart

Less well-known than neighboring Tuscany (and therefore with fewer tourists), Umbria is blessed with unforgettable landscapes from the Appenine mountains to Lake Trasimeno and the Marmore water falls and historic cities including Perugia, Spoleto and Assisi.


Catalonia – The Beautiful Rebel Region of Spain

Catalonia is a distinct region in Spain that includes the great cities of Barcelona, Tarragon and Girona and the islands of Majorca.
The wine, food, culture and language in Catalonia are distinctly not Spanish! A visit in Catalonia is a revelation.

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