Come and taste the old and the new; The traditional kitchen of the Israeli cooks who assembled from all corners of the earth in this tiny country, together with the daring fusion of Tel Aviv, the high-tech city, home to some of the world’s most respected chefs.

The Start-up Nation is an exciting combination of old and new, high-tech and low-tech.

Antique winepresses from thousands of years ago are scattered throughout Israel, together with modern, innovative wineries. Ancient and traditional methods, together with world leading agricultural research, and agricultural products developed here which have changed the agricultural world.

Come and taste the old and the new; The traditional kitchen of the Israeli cooks who assembled from all corners of the earth in this tiny country, together with the daring fusion of Tel Aviv, the high-tech city, home to some of the world’s most respected chefs.

About The Tour

A tiny country with a vast array of views and geographical types, differing climatic regions, cuisines, colours and fragrances.

Accommodation can be found in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or outside them. There are luxury hotels and boutique hotels, as well as countryside lodges and B&B’s. Access to the various wine regions is easy and convenient, and within short distances one can pass through a variety of regions, vineyards, olive presses, breweries, artisanal cheese makers and more.

Main Cities

Tel Aviv – Fusion in the broadest sense of the word! The city that has everything and in the most extensive manner imaginable: parties and tranquillity, hedonism and social responsibility, sea and beaches, art and high-tech. The city that never stops exciting one with its colourful festivals and the clear knowledge that at any given moment, somewhere in Tel Aviv, something is going on. Tel Aviv culinary art is the driving furnace of tastes and colours from all over the world: Japanese Restaurants right next to Argentinean Assado restaurants, elegant French and authentic Ethiopian, and many more tastes, as befits an international state of immigrants. Tel Aviv in 2017 was proclaimed World Vegan Capital, and serious vegans will have much enjoyment getting their fill here.

Jerusalem – The best-known city in the world hosts a varied treasury of astounding historical events and places. A trip through the Old City feels on occasion like traveling backwards in time, which will transport one through the days of the Ottomans, the Crusaders, and even to the time of one of the main founders, King David. Along with the never-ending history, there is the colourful ‘Mahne Yehuda’ Market, and numerous unique restaurants and bars. All in the clear mountain air of Jerusalem.

Wine Regions worth a visit

Judean Hills – The wine area expected to be the first to gain international recognition (GI) includes many of the best wineries in Israel. From small boutique wineries producing a few thousand individual bottles a year, to the more established wineries, producing tens and even hundreds of thousands of bottles a year. Here too, old and new merge perfectly; the famous clash between David and Goliath took place here, and ancient wine presses can be found all over this area. This visit can be combined with a visit to one of Israel’s best cheese makers, to breweries, ciders and many other good things.

Zikhron Yaakov and the coastal area

The first commercial winery in Israel was founded by the well-known philanthropist (Rothchild) in 1882. Actually, two were founded, one in Rishon Lezion and one in Zikhron Yaakov, named after the philanthropist Baron. Most of Israel’s vineyards were in this area for many decades, along with the old and large Carmel Mizrahi winery. Also to be found in this area are many small and medium-sized wineries, pioneering in character, and in many cases producing as well as wine, olive oil, jams and other delicacies.

The Galilee and the Golan

The climate in the north of Israel is cooler and facilitates the growing of excellent wine grapes. Together with the familiar Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, one can find Riesling, Barbera, Morvedre, Chanin Blanc and many other interesting types. It was right here that, in 1983, the quality revolution in Israeli wine took place, when the Ramat Hagolan Winery took a stand and changed the trend for quality over quantity. Today there are dozens of wineries throughout the north of Israel, along with boutique hotels, many of which are right in the middle of the vineyards.

The Negev Desert

Our vehicle coasts along the desert roads, 50 shades of brown sprouting all round, until suddenly a beautiful green vineyard of wine grapes bursts as out of nowhere; even in the desert they manage to grow quality wine grapes and produce tasty wines with lots of character. Single-flare farms, white truffles which grow in the desert climate, and other tastes and fragrances unique to the breath-taking desert landscape.


  • Wineries – jeep trips
  • Market tours
  • Cooking workshops
  • Chef restaurants
  • In-depth tasting of the best wines
  • Visits to leading wineries
  • Meeting with winemakers
  • Olive oil tasting and visit to olive press
  • Visit beer breweries and cider producers
  • Visit whiskey distilleries
  • Wine festivals
  • Terroir workshop
  • Be a wine maker for a day
  • Blind tasting
  • Culinary city tours
  • Bar Hoping
  • Blind tastings
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Other Destinations


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